Judge 2 Win Online Livestock Judging Contest 


  • This is an individual only, skill based contest, each log-in is limited to one contest entry

  • Contest begins on Monday, March 9th

  • Entries will be accepted throughout the last day of the contest, Tuesday March 31st


1-  Market Hogs (Questions)

2-  Yorkshire Gilts

3-  Market Lambs (Questions)

4-  Southdown Ewes (Questions)

5-  Market Goats

6-  Market Steers 1 (Questions)

7-  Market Steers 2

8-  Crossbred Breeding Heifers


  • There will be four age divisions; Junior, Senior, College, Adult 

  • All ages or grades are as of March 1, 2020

  • The Junior division will consist of contestants that are currently 8th grade or younger

  • The Senior division will consist of contestants that are currently freshman through seniors in high school

  • The College division will include contestants 18-22 that have graduated high school

  • The Adult division will consist of contestants 23 and older 

  • Divisions will be selected on the homepage of the contest

  • For questions about divisions please contact support@judge2win.com


  • Results will be posted on the Judge 2 Win website on or after April 6th

  • Awards will be rewarded to the top 5 contestants in each age division. Awards will be mailed to the address provided during sign up

  • Results will include a critique on each class, available on the Judge 2 Win website


  •  A committee of judges shall place all classes

  • Select classes will require contestants to answer questions after they turn in their placings. These classes will be clearly marked on the screen while the contestant is placing the class

  • Contestants will be allowed 30 minutes to place each class 

  • An additional 15 minutes will be allotted for questions if applicable to the class

  • After time expires placings will no longer be accepted for that particular class

  • Classes will no longer be available for viewing once a placing has been submitted

  • Contestants can log in and out of the contest at any time, however once a class has been started the contestant must submit their placing before leaving the class, or a zero will be recorded 

  • Individuals shall be ranked in order of total score (placings and questions) for the classes comprising each species or award category.  The individual having the highest score shall be declared the winner in each category of the contest (Some contests may only include one category)

  • Rankings shall be based upon a possible score of 50 points for placing each class and 50 points for each set of question 

  • In the case of a tie in individual scores overall, ties will be broken in the following manner:

    1. Higher total questions score 

    2. Lower total placing score in questions classes

    3. Scores tied after application of these tie breakers will be broken by a method predetermined by contest officials

Technology FAQ

  • Due to the quality of videos offered, high speed internet will be required to view and place the classes, we recommend speeds of at least 15 MB/S

  • If you are unable to view a class or submit a placing for whatever reason please submit concerns to support@judge2win.com, these will be handled on a case by case basis

  • PDF versions of the rules are available by request